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6 Reasons That Will Convince You to Use Wood in Building Your Home

Whatever the size or style of the home, wood can complete the look you’re going for.

6 Reasons That Will Convince You to Use Wood in Building Your Home

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an old property, choosing the right materials is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Your final choice will not just affect the project’s budget, but the quality of the home as well. Picking a substandard material may cause problems in the future, which can lead to bigger expenses.

There is a way to achieve your dream home without making a dent on your savings. Wood is a go-to building material that doesn’t just add to the beauty of a home, it’s also durable, flexible, and eco-friendly. “It’s in our natural Filipino culture to really want wood. We grew up with wood. The more wood you use, the lesser your carbon footprint is. It actually helps with climate change,” shares Charlie Liu, president and CEO of Matimco Inc., a trusted company known to provide a variety of quality architectural and structural wood products.

If you’re having second thoughts about working with wood, here are six reasons that may convince you it’s worth the investment:

It gives your home an au naturel look.

Wood that’s properly installed and regularly maintained can wow guests the moment they step into your space. Given the warmth and beauty it can add to the overall look of the home, wood can help your visitors feel instantly relaxed and at home. The best thing about wood is you don’t need to paint it or add extra elements to make it shine—it stands out on its own and can serve as a focal point in a space.

It’s an eco-friendly and sustainable building material.

Working with wood allows you to help address the issue of climate change in your own little way. Trees and wood products are known to store carbon, which lessens the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. At the same time, legally and responsibly sourced wood is renewable and sustainable. Trees are simply planted, and then nature does the rest.

To be able to protect the environment, you need to make sure you’re sourcing wood from reputable plantation forests.

It’s a durable material that’s known to stand the test of time.

Properly installed and treated wood can last for years, making it a cost-efficient choice for your home project. Unlike steel or concrete, wood doesn't rust and is not prone to cracks, turning your home into a safe and comfortable space.

“Aside from natural wood giving beauty and a warm touch to interiors and exteriors, there are many practical benefits to using wood,” explains interior designer Rachelle Medina. “Wood is cooler than using gypsum walls or other synthetic boards. The cellulose structure of wood has a natural cooling effect on the interior of the house, which makes it the perfect material for our tropical climate. Another advantage is that wood has good anti-seismic qualities. A wooden structure can withstand an earthquake better,” she says.

It’s versatile and can be incorporated into a home in different ways.

Whether you’re a fan of the minimalist, the tropical, or Scandinavian style, touches of wood can complete the look you have in mind. Homeowners use them as material for storage units, for flooring, and even to spruce up walls. “Wood can be used as cladding or as paneling for decorative or accent walls. You can turn tongue-and-groove boards or floor panels into headboards, bar counters, partitions, and decorative ceiling accents,” Medina says.

It’s easy to maintain.

In general, wood is very easy to maintain. You can clean surfaces and get rid of dirt using a soft cloth. To preserve the beauty of wooden flooring, refrain from dragging pieces of furniture across the floor. As much as possible, avoid using cleaners with bleach and other harsh chemicals so as not to affect the finish of the wood.

It's readily available and at affordable prices, too.

Once you’ve decided to use wood in building or renovating your home, the next question would be where to source and buy the materials you need. If you’re looking for wood from sustainable forests, Matimco has products that can be used as flooring, as interior accents, and even for outdoor use. The company recently opened the eighth House of Wood showroom in Parañaque. With a goal of building 20 Houses of Wood by 2022, Matimco hopes to bring quality wood products closer to consumers in the years to come.

These days, homeowners are becoming more discerning and budget-conscious when spending on home improvement projects. To address this, Matimco offers products at different price points.

“We have floors from the most budget-friendly at P600 per square meter to as high as around P6,000 per square meter. When they go to a Matimco House of Wood store, we can help with recommendations. They can come in and ask questions about wood, like how to apply it and how to measure. We can also measure, give you a quote, and install it for you,” says Liu.

Ready to build your dream home? Now is the time to make smart choices and go with wood.

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