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The Best Paint Color for Your Home Office, Plus Feng Shui Tips on Where to Use It

It's a color that will help you keep awake!

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By now, you probably already know that the color you paint a certain room with can affect its overall vibe. For example, we’ve previously mentioned that deep blue is a great hue for your bedroom because it is calming and restive, and it replicates the night, which encourages sleep. For your home office, however, you want something that’s more energetic and dynamic, and according to a feature on The Spruce, orange is a good choice.


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5 Paint Colors That Instantly Make a Space More Relaxing

“Orange is an invigorating color that lends a warm feeling to a room,” says New York City architect John Mochelle. “Orange is also a motivational color, making it equally suitable for home offices.

Admittedly, this pick can be pretty intense, but you can keep everything balanced by going for one accent wall instead of painting the whole area with it. You can also opt for a slightly lighter shade while still staying within that bright spectrum that will surely keep you awake.


According to feng shui, orange is a “social color” that represents the fire element, and is best used if your home office is in the following bagua areas: “south (fame and reputation), southwest (love and marriage), northeast (spiritual growth and self-cultivation)”. The center of your home is also great for this color. Orange is all about energy and stimulation, so if you can also bring it into your living room, your kitchen, and your dining area.

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6 Photos that Will Inspire You to Paint Your Front Door

5 Paint Colors That Instantly Make a Space More Relaxing

If bright orange walls are not your cup of tea, you can still incorporate this color into your work area through furniture and accessories—upholstering, curtains, and even a few vases in this shade are enough to give your space the pop of color it needs, while keeping that playful, open vibe that encourages mental stimulation.


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