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Here’s What You Need to Build a Hotel-Style Bathroom at Home

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Here’s What You Need to Build a Hotel-Style Bathroom at Home

Hotels have a way of creating luxurious spaces designed for ultimate comfort—including the bathrooms! Most hotel bathrooms are designed using carefully curated elements that foster a warm and cozy atmosphere.

It is possible to recreate this ambiance in your own bathroom with the help of Wilcon Depot’s bathroom solution brand, Pozzi, which offers plumbing and a wide range of sanitaryware options.

Here are some of our hand-picks:

Shower Massage Cabin

A great shower is one that puts you in a great mood. To make your showers extra relaxing, consider these luxurious, hotel-inspired shower massage cabins. They include two mini jets, water jets, a multi-spray telephone shower, and a foot massage, as well as an FM radio and chromatic lights (perfect for your shower concerts!)—making the shower your ultimate escape.

Classy Bathtubs

Bathtubs have a way of adding luxury to any bathroom—that’s probably why hotel bathrooms always have one! Elevate your own bathroom at home with a classy bathtub, whether it’s a Pozzi classic bathtub or a Pozzi massage bathtub. These bathtubs also come in a variety of shapes for you to choose from and are easy to install.

Vanity Wall-Hung Cabinet

This sleek vanity wall-hung cabinet is a great pick for narrow bathroom spaces. It has a large mirror that helps create the illusion of a bigger space and it offers roomy storage space for your bathroom necessities. To emphasize the space underneath the vanity and to make cleaning easier, consider installing LED lights beneath it.

Cabinet Mirror

Here’s a different cabinet mirror design that suits a more minimalist aesthetic. These include a large mirror and a spacious storage area that can help keep your bathroom neat and organized.

Lavatory Faucet

To make your bathroom look and feel luxurious like a hotel’s, you need to care about the details. A stylish lavatory faucet like these ones can complement your sink and countertop and elevate your bathroom’s overall aesthetic. They even have features that can help you save on water.

Water Closet

Choosing quality water closets like these options for your bathroom can help elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic. Plus, they add to your comfort and help you maintain proper hygiene. These hotel-style options also have excellent features like an easy-to-operate flush and an S-shaped trap for a quieter yet more powerful flush.

Recessed Shower Mixer

In interior design, the little details matter! So if you want to choose a shower set that exudes a hotel vibe, these shower sets from Pozzi can help do the trick. They have a glossy finish that gives off a sleek and elegant look.

These are just a few of the many five-star hotel-inspired bathroom essentials from Pozzi that you can shop from Wilcon Depot. So if you're inspired to finally recreate that hotel-like bathroom in your own home, you know where to go.

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