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5 Signs That Your Home Needs a Renovation

Know when to call your trusted carpenter, plumber, or design professional for a home facelift

5 Signs That Your Home Needs a Renovation

Keeping a home squeaky clean is an obvious task for every homeowner. But home repairs and renovations? Chances are you wouldn't think of calling for one, unless it rains and your roof leaks, or someone trips over a loose tile. Prevent further damage by looking out for telltale signs that you need to renovate. Here are some of them:

1. When floor tiles start detaching. Flooring can get damaged throughout the years because of wear and tear. Imagine the door traffic as well as multiple furniture pieces that your floor bears. Damage can also be caused by the use of improper adhesive such as cement. Call a carpenter to replace old tile with new ones, and make sure to use a proper tile adhesive.

2. When paint starts to chip. When the wall isn't properly cleaned and primed before painting, paint can chip over time. Before repainting, remove existing paint using a steel wool, clean the wall, and apply putty on holes and uneven surfaces, so the new coat of paint will evenly adhere to the wall.

3. When you see black spots on your light bulbs, or the light starts to flicker. Poor-quality light bulbs don't last many years. Before the light goes out and you're plunged into darkness, replace damaged light bulbs with new ones. Halogen lamps and incandescent bulbs consume too much energy, so better go for LEDs. These won't shoot up your electric bill.

4. When doorknobs become difficult to turn. Don't wait for someone to get locked inside a bedroom or bathroom. Replace old doorknobs with new ones. Lever-type doorknobs are advisable because they're more ergonomically designed. When your hands are full, you can just push the doorknob down with your elbow, and in you go.

5. When termites start infesting your home. Do you hear hollow sounds when you knock on the wooden parts of your home? Termites might be starting to destroy the wood. Call a pest control expert. To prevent termite infestation, have your home sprayed with solignum every four to six months, so termites won't breed.

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