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5 Bedroom Design Ideas for Small Spaces

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When designing a small bedroom, options may feel restricted due to the limited space. But there are a lot of adjustments that can be made to achieve your dream bedroom even in a small room. We enumerate great bedroom designs for small spaces to try in your home.

Bedroom design ideas for small spaces you can do:

Be smart with storage

Storage space is essential in every bedroom but big, space-hogging closets aren’t the only options for keeping your clothes and other personal items. A great bedroom design hack for small space is freeing up space in your room by utilizing other areas like the bottom of your bed or choosing a smaller storage solution like a dresser. By choosing other storage options, you can free up a lot of floor space to give yourself more room to move things around.

Minimize your belongings to maximize your storage space

How to maximize storage space

When you have limited room, it’s best to also minimize your personal belongings. But that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of most of your stuff. You can do this by sorting out your clothes and other personal items to prioritize the things you use the most.


For example, if you have formal wear you don’t use often or apparel for colder climates that you only use when traveling, you can put those away in vacuum storage bags. For clothes you use frequently, you can fold them more efficiently—similar to the KonMari Method—so everything can fit in your small storage space.

Hang up high

The issue with small bedrooms is the limited floor space. So instead of using up all your floor space for your furniture, make use of the spaces above it. Rather than getting a standing bookshelf, you can opt to install floating shelves and you can even convert your desk to a floating desk as well. If it’s within your budget, one bedroom design for a small space you can consider is getting a Murphy bed that can be stored away to free up space if needed.

Floating shelves create a great aesthetic focal point for any space

Where to mount floating shelves

Unlike other furniture, pieces like floating shelves will be fixed in one place so you have to consider where best to put them. Other than ensuring the wall is strong enough to carry the weight of the shelves and your belongings, it has to be mounted in an area that won’t disrupt your movement throughout your room.

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Also, ideally floating shelves should be placed at eye level but if you’re storing items that you won’t need access to frequently, then you can place them higher even up to your ceiling.

Do away with side tables

Other than providing accessible storage, side tables aren’t vital pieces in a bedroom. But they do provide great aesthetics, texture, and symmetry to a room. If your space is limited, though, you can do away with these furniture pieces completely and go for an alternative that won’t take up too much room.

Hanging lights add a modern feel to your space

One bedroom design for small space to consider instead is getting hanging lights or wall sconces next to your bed. It gives you great bedside lighting without the need for a side table. If storage is the issue, you can get a headboard with storage nooks as an alternative.

Trick the eye

Sometimes the best bedroom design for small spaces is using elements to make the space appear larger than it is. Mirrors have always been the go-to solution for small spaces. It creates the illusion of a much larger space. But you can also do this using rugs, curtains, and shelves.


Mirrors have two purposes—so you can check your OOTD and to make your space look bigger

bedroom design for small space that’s also popular is placing curtains and shelves high up on your walls to bring your eyes up towards the ceiling making it appear higher. If you want your bedroom to appear wider, select an area rug that is much bigger than your bed. This trick makes your bed look smaller and your floor space appear bigger.

Go bright with white

You can also make your space look more open and spacious by leaving the walls white. This lets natural light reflect throughout the room and gets rid of dark areas that make the space appear smaller. If white is too bland for you, you can choose a light color or you can warm up the space using decorative pieces.

How to add warmth to white rooms

You can easily soften a white space by using decorative pieces in warmer tones. For instance, go for beige curtains rather than white, or add wooden accent pieces around your room. You can also add pops of color through your beddings, rugs, or artwork.

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