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5 Advantages of Going for a Small Loft-Type House Design

Enjoy the benefits of having a versatile space you can personalize according to your needs

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The idea of living in a loft sounds cool—not just because of its distinct aesthetic, but also because it offers flexibility when it comes to designing a space. As explained by Loft & Design, a loft is “a large, open area in a warehouse, factory or other large building that has been transformed into a living space.” Nowadays, many homeowners are taking inspiration from these living spaces by building homes that feature an open space, a high ceiling, and a loft area that often serves as the bedroom.


If you’re planning to building a small home, a loft design is an ideal choice as it gives you the freedom of creating a versatile space that matches your lifestyle. From using the open space as common areas to turning the loft into a bedroom/home office/home gym—the possibilities are endless. Since you have enough floor area to work with, you create an illusion of having a spacious home. Need more convincing that going for a small loft house design is a smart move?

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Advantages of a Small Loft House Design

1. It’s spacious with an open layout you can easily personalize.

The “ground floor” is like a blank canvas you can turn into your ideal living space. Here, you can locate the kitchen, the dining nook, and the living area. Depending on how you intend to use the loft area, you can also carve out a mini home office.


In photo: Ayen dela Cruz-Ylagan and her husband chose to build a tiny loft house. The top photo shows the perspective, while the bottom photo is the actual house. Common areas occupy the open space while the loft serves as their bedroom.

2. The loft area can be transformed into different rooms—just call the shots.


Many homeowners choose to turn the loft into a bedroom to ensure privacy. Given that you still have limited space to work with, you can turn it into a multipurpose area you can maximize. Aside from using it as a sleeping space, you can also turn it into a mini library, a home office, a workout area, or even a craft room. To be able to enjoy the space to the fullest, take into consideration the things you love to do and let the area reflect that.

3. You get a high ceiling.

Hang the chandelier you’ve always wanted or simply embrace the openness a high ceiling brings. Some homeowners make the most of the height by incorporating skylights or extra windows near the ceiling to ensure ventilation while allowing natural light into the space.


4. You can maximize natural light.

Speaking of natural light, Décor Tips explains that “because there are no walls or barriers of any kind, light flows through the space easily. Natural light gives more joy and vivacity to spaces.” Letting in plenty of natural light allows you to save on electricity during daytime, too.

5. It will encourage you to have creative storage solutions.

Where will you keep your belongings in such an open space? Think outside the box and see how you can create storage nooks within the loft-type small house. You can have stairs with steps that double as storage, wall-mounted shelves, secret niches, and furniture pieces that double as storage.

If you’re worried that too many shelves or cabinets can keep you from achieving a sleek aesthetic, you can always create secret cabinet doors that conceal your storage nooks. A design professional can help you execute these ideas better.


A small loft house design is not only picture-perfect, it also allows you to enjoy a comfortable space that’s functional, flexible, and perfectly mirrors your lifestyle. If you’ve decided to go for small space living, make sure you read up on the basics of small house design. Aside from familiarizing yourself with go-to small space ideas, you can also look into applying minimalist tips within your home.

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