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10 Easy Home Makeover Ideas

Quick updates can work like magic

Photography: Paolo Feliciano and Top Inspired (Main Photos)

More often than not, we shy away from working on a home makeover for different reasons. Some can't find the time, others have a budget to consider, and many simply don't know how or where to begin. To put your mind at ease as well as to inspire you to get started, we've rounded up a couple of ideas from our featured homes and mini makeovers. 

Remember, you don't need to go all out in a snap. Work your way into a transformed space by investing in simple redos that create an impact.

1. Your favorite washi tape can go a long way.

Do you love collecting washi tapes? Aside from using it to decorate notebooks and other small knickknacks, you can take it a notch further by using it to spruce up a wall or even some pieces of furniture. In this mini makeover, DIY enthusiast and stylist Jen Inumerable-Suarez defined her daughter's kiddie nook using pink washi tape. It blended well with the green walls and other DIY pieces. See the complete makeover here.

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2. Consider having a makeunder.

Have you ever considered working on a makeunder first before truly giving your home a new look? A makeunder involves picking out the pieces that you really need and keeping or discarding those that you no longer use. An overdone space can be a bit heavy on the eyes and may result in a cramped and cluttered look. Get started by checking the pieces you own and refraining from buying unnecessary home must-haves.

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3. Bring in something unexpected.

Who wouldn't love the barber's chair in this reading nook? It stands out and gives the space a quirky and interesting appeal. If you love vintage items and something similar to the chair, feel free to use it to give an area a new look. Some of the items you can consider include an ornate mirror or even a vintage turntable.

4. Invest in a dual-purpose wall piece.

In this bedroom, the lighting fixture also serves as a wall art to keep the walls from being boring. If you're working within a budget, you may choose to have something similar or you can also opt for pretty wall sconces.

Looking for something more fun and unique? Work on a whimsical feel by using string lights! It can add a warm glow to your room and you can use it as a faux headboard or even craft words with the help of thumbtacks.

5. Personalize with photos.

Are you one of the many who fancy displaying photographs? Aside from purchasing prints or even showcasing family snapshots, you can try your hand at landscape photography or even try taking photos of daily sceneries—a photo from your commute or even during your afternoon break. Once you have it printed and framed, you can use it to decorate the bedroom or even the living area. These pieces give your home a personalized and homey feel.

6. Try a little DIY.

Do you have old pieces of furniture gathering dust inside a cabinet or drawer? Bring these out and see if you can craft something out of it. Old pieces of wood can be transformed into a key holder that you can display by the foyer or if you have collected enough plates and bowls—these can be turned into makeup or accessory organizers.

Doing a bit of DIY allows you to exercise your creativity as well as help you save money. In this room, a louvered door was used to display postcards and photos. If you have a similar piece, you can use it to organize bills, letters, and other important notes. You can also place one in the kitchen to hold towels and utensils with the help of hooks.

7. Carve out tiny functional nooks.

Working on a small space? You can still make the most of the available area by maximizing every inch of vertical space. In this 22sqm unit, a pegboard not only helped the owner keep tiny items organized; it also helped him achieve a craft corner of sorts. The pegboard can hold a variety of tools, catchalls, and even small potted plants.

Depending on your hobbies or needs, a pegboard can turn a corner into a crafts corner, home office, and even as a pantry area—if you're placing it in the kitchen.

8. Invest in quality lights.

Aside from maximizing natural light coming in through the windows, a quality lamp or lighting fixture can illuminate a space and keep it from being too gloomy. You may want to consult with a professional or an electrician to check electrical connections and number of allowed lights per area. A lovely pendant lamp or droplight can instantly transform a plain dining area—as seen in this condo unit.

9. Install corner shelves.

In most of our featured makeovers, storage has always been one of the concerns. To help you maximize space and avoid clutter, you can install corner shelves even in the most awkward of nooks. These shelves give you an extra space where you can keep books, magazines, and other essentials. A corner shelf in the kitchen gives you space for condiments and ingredients while a couple of these in the bedroom can give you a place where you can showcase collections and photographs.

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10. Add a couple of flea market finds.

As an alternative to vintage pieces that can serve as accent items or focal points in your space, you may choose to bring in two or three flea market finds you can score from Kamuning or Evangelista. A vintage lamp can be used to decorate a balcony, while a group of glass vases can be used as centerpiece in the dining area.

PHOTOS (in order): Kurt Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions | Ocs Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions (Makeunder and pegboard) | Dairy Darilag | Vincent Coscolluela (Dual-purpose and photographs) | Paolo Feliciano | JV Dela Cruz | Top Inspired | Jun Pinzon.

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