Simple, Space-saving Ideas for Your Tiny Bedroom

Having a small bedroom to hold all your stuff can be a challenge, but a bit of creativity goes a long way in maximizing a space!

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Having space all for yourself can be very helpful, especially during this mentally-draining time. Whether you live alone or with others, having your very own bedroom is a safe haven where you can disconnect even for just a little while.

 Most people think that bedrooms are just sleeping areas, but they're also actually your dressing area, work space, and overall relaxation nook. Fitting everything you need to fulfill work and rest in a bedroom can be challenging, more so a tiny one.

Here are a few tricks to maximize your little piece of real estate so you can have everything you will need despite the space restrictions. It starts with storage!

Choose a bed frame with storage or build your own

While having just a mattress low on the floor can have minimalist appeal, the theme we’re going for is doubling up as much as we can. Having a raised mattress allows you to use the space underneath for storage. If a bed frame with integrated drawers is slightly out of budget, you can use open-topped containers to put your stuff. It can be stuff you don’t really need right now, like heavy cold-weather jackets and boots, or stuff you use every day, like sneakers. Mix and match the contents depending on what you need!

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Make use of walls

Floating shelves are relatively cheap and there’s a lot of different materials you can use. You can make a wall-mounted hanging rack or use wood planks to make shelves so you can store your books and other stable items. Because they’re not enclosed, it makes your space look larger.

Tables or boxes

Instead of just opting for a bedside table, you can use stacking boxes. That way, the surface of the box can be the place to put your phone down at night, but you also have space underneath to store books you may want to read at night, or a tablet. If you already have a table close to your bed, you can also place a mirror there so you have a bedside table and vanity table in one.

Closet organizers

Having a closet is great, but sometimes, we just put our clothes in there without thinking and they can quickly pile up. Again, having a combination of stacking boxes and open-topped containers can help you organize the contents of your closet, freeing up a lot space in the process. People who work from home would have realized by now that work clothes can be lessened, so make sure to also do a bit of spring cleaning in your closet.


Use the back of your door

A door is a great way to maximize storage! Most of us put a line of hooks behind the door but no one ever said that you can’t use the lower parts of the back of your door. By combining hooks and racks, you can hang a lot of items on the door which won’t really take up too much space.

Vertical hangers and open closets

Having a large closet can be great, but if you don’t have the luxury, DIY open closets work just as well. Pair that with vertical hangers instead of lining all your clothes on the rack and you’ve not only maximized your space, but the wall-less nature of open closets give a larger feel to your room.

Corners can make great storage spaces

A room’s corners make for great places to store items because these areas are the places with the least interaction. You can place bars on the two walls that make a corner and stack them one on top of the other. Depending on your need, you can make shelves or hang clothes on them.


Use your ceiling

If you don’t have a ceiling fan in your room, then why not create hanging shelves? You’ll have to put in a little extra work, but it’s all about maximizing the space. You can make a sort of swing so you can place a few plants or picture frames on the board, or suspend your clothes hamper from the ceiling so you’ll have extra space on the floor.

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