6 Space-Saving Tips for Your Fully-Furnished Condo Home

Get the most out of your unit's space with these ingenious ideas.

6 Space-Saving Tips for Your Fully-Furnished Condo Home

These days, some busy urbanites prefer to move into a home already furnished with basic amenities. Fully aware that time is a precious commodity for these home buyers, developers now offer condo units replete with the necessary in-house features. Buyers won't have to go through the tedious task of renting a van to move the furniture and then setting them up in their new home.

However, even with fully-furnished units, there's still a lot of room and potential to customize and inject your own flair. Read on for some creative and clever space-saving tips that can help you make the most of the existing features of your condo.

The units at The Grove, designed by respected interior design consultant Alice Erfe, are complemented by the community's resort-like amenities and a wide variety of cafés and restaurants at the Retail Row. The Grove offers an elevated, well-balanced lifestyle in one of Pasig City's most accessible areas. It's the ideal community for a growing family, which is why its great to know these tips and tricks to make your living space grow with you: 


1. Invest in kitchen storage.

The kitchen is one of the biggest design challenges for anyone living in a condo. These days, there are all kinds of clever solutions for kitchen storage, from slide-out shelves that fit into standard base cabinets to pantry organizers. The built-in cabinets at The Grove are spacious enough to accommodate these kinds of modifications and other great storage hacks you can find online.


2. Build up.

This living area is expansive and versatile. The furnished one-bedroom units come with a den—perfect for family downtime or even a home office.

If your unit boasts of a high ceiling, take advantage of all that vertical space and install shelving units and cabinets all the way up. Purchase a stepladder so you can easily access what's in the top cupboards, and store seasonal or non-daily essentials up high so you won't have to constantly reach up.


3. Hang up accessories and kitchenware.

The more floor space you can spare, the better. Consider your blank walls as potential storage and install hooks to hang up purses, shoes, and other accessories. This gives you more space compared to dumping them in the closet or in a box on the floor. You can also mount rows of racks on the wall in the kitchen, and use S-hooks to hang pots, pans, towels, and kitchen tools.  


4. Install magnetic racks.

An alternative to hooks would be magnetic racks, which are handy for corralling knives and metal herb containers. You can even install magnetic strips, which are basic magnetized sheets you can cut to size and adhere under a hanging cabinet, and use them to hang mason jars containing flour, sugar, and the like. Magnetic strips also help keep your bathroom clutter-free. They're handy for hanging small steel items like tweezers, nail cutters, and bobby pins.


5. Raise your bed.  

Timeless decor and relaxing neutral hues make this spacious bedroom at The Grove your private sanctuary

An easy way to add more storage space to your condo is to add bed risers. You instantly create space for storing luggage, bed linen, or seldom-used clothes and shoes in plastic bins sized for this space.


6. Don't buy stuff you don't need.

The easiest way to keep your cozy confines from feeling crowded is to avoid buying things you don't need. Or whenever you buy something new, force yourself to toss or donate something else to make room for it. 

Owning your own fully-furnished condo home at The Grove gives you the space and freedom to enjoy a well-balanced life with your family. With these storage ideas and decor tips fully complementing your unit's features, you can do away with stress and clutter. After all, life at The Grove by Rockwell is all about you and your family enjoying your own open green spaces in the middle of the busy city, and coming home to a living space that's comfortable, cozy, and uniquely yours.


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