Allow Good Vibes to Enter Your Home This New Year by Getting Rid of These Items

Plus places where you can get them recycled.

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2020 is over, and after such an unprecedented year, people are all hoping to invite a lot of positivity and good vibes into their homes. While there are many things that no one can control—such as the still ongoing pandemic—you can, at the very least, do something about your personal space, and what better way to do away with the old and to invite in the new than by deep cleaning. 

To help you out, we've listed things that you're probably still keeping that you already can do without:

Old receipts in your wallet

Are you one of those people who fold receipts into your purse and eventually forget about them? Now is a good time to tear them up and throw them out so that you have more space for cash.

You may also want to check out membership cards that have already expired. Before you dispose of them, however, make sure to punch holes into them first to keep your personal details safe. If you can cut them into smaller pieces, all the better. As for credit cards, make sure to cut through the numbers and the EMV chip. Dispose of them in different trash containers (or eco bricks).

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Old calendars

Sheets of old calendars can be used for a lot of things. They can be glass cleaners, something used to wipe accidental spills, or even lining for pet cages of dogs or cats you’ve rescued. At some point, though, you may need to throw many of them out. Make sure that they’re clean and stacked properly so that they can easily be recycled.

Tattered towels and shirts

Ratty clothing and linens shouldn’t anymore be in your closet. Segregate them. If you’re living within Metro Manila, the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is in constant need of these for their rescues. Make sure to call them first to ask if there are any protocols you should follow, as the staff can only entertain you by appointment due to the ongoing pandemic.

Unsalvageable electronics and gadgets

Do you have an old charger from the ‘90s that you doesn’t have any use anymore? Or maybe you’ve got a ruined motherboard, light bulbs, or ink cartridges that you don’t know how to dispose of. Put them all in a box, and get in touch with The E-Waste Project on Facebook. The E-Waste Project does scheduled collection drives for electronics to be disposed. While the 2020 drive was postponed during the pandemic, you may still want to contact them for updates.


Telecom company Globe also has an ongoing project called E-Waste Zero, wherein customers are encouraged to drop off their old electronics in bins provided for within their stores.

Old makeup

Don’t feel bad about throwing old makeup away, as these can be breeding grounds for bacteria which can cause your skin to break out. Here’s a quick rundown of beauty product expiry dates once they’ve been opened:

1. Your favorite lipstick only has a shelf-life of two years.

2. Eyeshadow, powder foundation, and eyeliner pencils will also only last for two years.

3. Liquid foundation, liquid eyeliner, and liquid concealer should be thrown out after a year.

If you wish to keep the cases (they’re often pretty after all) or prep them for recycling, make sure to wash out the remaining product and dry them thoroughly. For your next purchases, opt for products with reusable containers.


Expired food products

If you haven’t cleaned your fridge for months, now is a good time. Empty it out and see which food products have expired and need to be disposed of. If you’ve got a lot to throw away, then you may need to think of a better strategy of storing them, so you can easily see everything at one glance. Invest in clear glass containers that you can easily wash and use again and again. Another good tip is to implement zoning in the fridge so that you can train yourself and your family to find products in their specific places—instead of having that bottle of cheese spread pushed in the blackhole that is the back of a shelf.

RL Tip: Do segregate your trash as well, as there are a number of organizations that actually accept certain types of waste. One example is Planeta Cares, which regularly holds “Basura to Ayuda” activities, wherein they offer one kilo of rice in exchange for three kilos of your plastics for disposal.


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