5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Desk Organized

To work smarter, try tidying up your workspace.

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If you're working from home, whether every day or just some days, you already know this all too well: A cluttered desk can lead to a cluttered mind.

Keeping your workspace tidy not only enhances productivity but also creates a sense of calm and order. Following these simple tips can help you transform your messy desk into an organized workstation that promotes focus and efficiency.

How to Keep Your Desk at Home Organized

Designate an area for small items

 One of the biggest culprits of desk clutter is the accumulation of small items such as pens, paper clips, and stationery. Designating a specific area for each of these items is essential. Use a desk tray, drawer organizers, or a pen holder to corral these objects (these organizers are available on Lazada). Get creative and customize your designated area to match your personal style. This will keep everything within easy reach and add a touch of personality to your workspace.

Repurpose an old container into an organizer

No need to spend a fortune on fancy organizers. Look no further than your own kitchen or closet for inspiration. Repurposing old containers like mason jars (available on Lazada), shoeboxes, or coffee cans can work wonders. Use them to store pens, markers, paperclips, and other small items. Get crafty by adding labels (such as these ones available on Lazada) or painting them to match your office decor. Organizing your workspace doesn't have to be expensive or require expert knowledge—all you need sometimes is just a little creativity.

Keep notes in visible and accessible places

Invest in a small whiteboard or corkboard (both available on Lazada) and place it within your line of sight. Pin or write down important tasks, deadlines, and inspirational quotes. This way, you can easily refer to them throughout the day and stay on top of your priorities. Plus, having a visual reminder of your goals can be incredibly motivating.


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Personalize your inspiration board

A personalized inspiration board is more than just a collection of images. It acts as a reflection of your individuality, capturing your dreams, aspirations, and unique perspective. Your board aligns your vision with your values and helps you stay true to yourself amidst the noise of external influences.

Infuse your inspiration board with personal touches that reflect your unique taste and personality. Add photographs of loved ones, memorable experiences, or symbols that hold special meaning to you. 

To see these first few tips in action, watch this video:

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Establish a daily decluttering routine

Prevention is the best cure for desk clutter. Make it a habit to declutter your desk at the end of each day. Put away any items that have strayed from their designated spots, file away loose papers and documents, and clear out any unnecessary clutter. A clean slate each morning will help you start the day with a clear mind and focused energy.

watch now

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A well-organized desk is the foundation for a productive and efficient workspace. By designating an area for small items, repurposing old containers, keeping notes in visible places, and establishing a daily decluttering routine, you can transform your desk into an organized haven.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about keeping your desk organized

Why is it important to keep my desk organized?

It improves productivity by reducing clutter and distractions, helps you find items quickly, enhances focus and concentration, and creates a visually pleasing and professional-looking workspace—very important when it’s visible during Zoom calls.


How can I start organizing my desk?

Begin by decluttering. Remove any unnecessary items and create designated spaces for essential items. Use desk organizers, trays, and containers (all available on Lazada) to keep things tidy and easily accessible. Develop a system for managing paperwork, such as using folders or binders.

What are some tips for maintaining an organized desk?

  • Regularly declutter and remove items that are not needed.
  • Have designated spots for frequently used items like pens, notebooks, and other supplies.
  • Utilize desk organizers or drawer dividers to separate and categorize items.
  • Develop a filing system for papers and documents.
  • Adopt the "clean as you go" approach by tidying up at the end of each workday.


How can I prevent my desk from becoming cluttered again after organizing it? 

Develop good habits and routines. Regularly clean and declutter your desk, especially at the end of each workday. Avoid accumulating unnecessary items and only keep essentials on your desk. Implement a "one in, one out" rule where you remove an item before adding a new one.


Can I personalize my organized desk? 

Absolutely! Personalizing your workspace can boost your mood and productivity. However, ensure that your personal items do not interfere with your organization system. Incorporate small decorations, plants, or pictures that inspire and motivate you without overwhelming the workspace.

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