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For Less Than P200, You Can Prevent Grease Buildup in Your Kitchen

Keep your cooking area sparkling and spotless

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Everyone knows that the kitchen can smell pretty greasy after a cooking session, especially if you do not have a range hood to suck up the food odors and grease particles in the air.

You should at least be cleaning as you go but did you know that cleaning the kitchen every other day is the minimum? That's because you use the kitchen every day! If you don't clean more regularly, the grease, grime, and dirt will definitely build up over time, making your job of cleaning harder and more arduous. You might even be forgetting to clean some spots!

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If you're raring to get cleaning and bust out the cleaning tools and solutions, take a look at your spray bottles. You may be missing one important kitchen cleaner in your kitchen cleaning caddy: the degreaser.

What is a degreaser?

These kitchen degreasers will help you remove those sticky stains. Photo by Robinsons Supermarket, Landers Superstore

A degreaser is a kitchen cleaner that removes grease. This can be a chemical or other solution that, when applied to the grease, "lifts" grease from the surface and thus, makes it easier to remove. Grease is a type of oil that is more solid than liquid, but when it is heated up enough, such as when cooking, it can change and particles solidify more fully and can get stuck to various surfaces such as your cookware, bakeware, stove, and other kitchen items.

It's actually the yellowish-brown sticky stuff that thickly coats the bottom of your pots and pans. Unfortunately, these grease stains are not just on your pots and pans. There are other things and places in your kitchen that would be splattered with grease stains if you look hard enough.

Kitchen degreasers you can check out on your next grocery run:

Clorox Kitchen Cleaner Spray, 500 mL, P149.25, Landers Superstore


Flash Fresh Citrus Kitchen Cleaner Spray, 450 mL, P189.75, Landers Superstore

Joy Fresh and Light Kitchen Cleaner Spray, 375 ml, P139, Robinsons Supermarket

Mr. Muscle Kitchen Cleaner, 500 ml, p157.00, Robinsons Supermarket

Cif Power & Shine Kitchen Spray, 700 mL, P109.75, Landers Superstore

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Where To Use Degreaser in Your Kitchen

Here are all the areas in your kitchen that you need to degrease:

1 Stove

Got a stove? You need to apply some degreasers on these every once in a while to keep them grease-free! Photo by La Germania, White-Westinghouse, Tecnogas/Abenson

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The stove is the obvious first place you need to degrease! You'll need to get between the grills and even the knobs to ensure that any oil splatter that might turn extra sticky is removed. You won't want to hold onto the knobs if they're oily and sticky. If you have a combination stove and oven like any of these kitchen ranges, take time to devote degreasing care to the oven, too.

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2 Range hood

These range hoods ensure your home doesn't smell like food throughout the rest of the house. Photo by Lazada/Citihardware, Inc.


If you have an exhaust fan or range hood like these affordable ones, remember to clean these, too. Range hoods are essential to every kitchen since these collect airborne grease that otherwise would end up on your cabinet doors. That's why the filters of these overhead appliances need to be degreased regularly to make them work efficiently. Plus, it reduces the smoke and smells that otherwise would make your kitchen, condo, apartment, or your entire house perpetually smell like your dinner.

Boston Bay Kitchen Range Hood, 50 cm (white), P2,498; 50 cm (black), P2,598; 50 cm (stainless steel) P3,150, Lazada

3 Backsplash

The area behind the stove is also a spot that needs some serious cleaning, too. Photo by Shutterstock


The backsplash is one of those areas that you might not always give attention to. Just like the walls of the kitchen, this area, particularly right behind the stove needs to be cleaned regularly. This is where errant pieces of food that jumped out of your pan might land and that includes oil splatters, too. These can become incredibly greasy if not cleaned!

If you have a countertop stove, you'll need to clean that area. If you have a range stove that has a tempered glass cover, you'll find these things act as a backsplash so your wall doesn't get the brunt of the splatters. Glass is definitely easier to clean than a concrete or tiled wall.

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4 Oven

Photo by Lazada


Whether you have a full-sized oven or countertop oven toaster like this pretty aqua-colored one, you should also degrease this appliance occasionally, especially if you're doing more than just toasting pandesals and egg tarts.

Just be careful when degreasing ovens with aluminum interiors though! These can lead to rust. To prevent that, after degreasing and cleaning the inside, turn on the oven so the heat can evaporate all the moisture from the rinsing it got to get clean.

5 Cabinet doors

The doors and handles of these cabinets need some attention, too! Photo by Creatv Eight/Unsplash


It's a hassle but you'll also need to wipe down cabinet doors and handles, too, when deep cleaning your kitchen. This is where you'll find the degreaser is just as effective as elsewhere! The doors of cabinets are notorious for hosting grease spots so a degreaser is definitely needed to get those sticky spots out.

You just might have to wipe these down with a special treatment afterward if these are made of wood since wood needs special care to stay as clean and pretty as when it was first installed.

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6 The Kitchen Walls and Floor

The walls and floor can get sticky, too. Photo by Shutterstock


Before you attack the floor, consider the walls first. If you cleaned up the backsplash, you can continue on to the walls of your kitchen. This is best when doing a deep clean so you can really make your kitchen super clean! Cleaning the walls first makes it easy to not worry about any drips on the floor because that's next on your degreasing list!

It's not often that the floor doesn't get cleaned up, especially in a kitchen, but there are times when even the floor needs a little degreasing, too. That's because any food that lands on it from your pan probably has some oil on it. Plus, oil splatters are not exclusive to the stove. A little degreaser will rid your floor of any stickiness as well as oiliness that might cause a kitchen accident.

Are you ready to clean and degrease your kitchen? We know there are many areas that need attention but yes! These parts of the kitchen that we listed above need to be degreased, weekly or evenly monthly at least.


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Whether you see it or not, grease can and will accumulate everywhere in your kitchen if you're not cleaning regularly. So, to make it easy on you and hard on the grease, it's best to do it before sticky grease takes a firmer hold in your cooking area.


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