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There's a Right Way to Iron Different Garments

Deal with those stubborn creases with the #PerfectPlantsa.

Ironing is perhaps one of the most dreaded household chores. It's labor-intensive, and there are different factors to consider for various articles of clothing, such as the right temperature for each fabric.

Good thing there's a nifty home gadget with cutting-edge technology from Philips that can even revolutionize the way Filipinos iron their clothes. The Philips PerfectCare Azur steam iron offers an innovative, hassle-free way to iron garments.

The experts at Philips confirmed through research that to effectively remove creases, you need a perfect combination of intense steam and optimal soleplate temperature. They thus developed OptimalTEMP technology, which lets you iron any fabric without having to change the temperature settings and with no risk of burn, making it safe for all fabrics.

Now watch the Philips PerfectCare Azur steam iron with its OptimalTEMP technology in action. This is how you properly iron a polo barong, a denim jacket, and a pleated skirt: 

With the Philips PerfectCare Azur steam iron, ironing becomes simpler, faster, and safer.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Philips.