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You’ll Never Forget to Pay Your Electricity Bill With This App

New homeowners can use it as a hassle-free way to apply for connection, too.

You’ll Never Forget to Pay Your Electricity Bill With This App

Living in the city means depending on electricity for practically everything. And part of making sure your electricity connection is uninterrupted is managing your account and consumption diligently. But with Metro Manila’s never-ending traffic jams—plus your hectic schedule—dropping by payment centers can be quite challenging.

To make things hassle-free for the busy city-dweller, Meralco launched Meralco Online, where you can access your Meralco account 24/7, and its app version, Meralco Mobile. Here are some of their features:

View bills and subscribe to paperless billing.

With the rising cost of living, being mindful about your household’s electricity use is a smart way to manage your monthly expenses. You can view bills online and even download a copy in PDF format. You may also subscribe to paperless billing, which is clutter-free and earth-friendly.

Pay your monthly bill with just a few clicks.

Fans of online shopping appreciate the ease and comfort it brings. You can experience a similar kind of convenience because the Meralco Mobile app lets you pay your electricity bill in the comfort of your home. You can use a debit card, credit card, PayMaya, SMART Money, or GCash to settle your bills. You can also sign up for an automatic payment arrangement so you don't have to worry about your bill every month.

Report brownouts in a flash.

Experiencing power interruption in your area? Fill out a form with all the details and get updates on the status of your report. It’s comforting to know when power will be back—particularly if your power bank is about to run out of juice.

Let your questions be known easily.

No need to call the hotline or visit a Meralco Business Center when you have questions about your electricity bill or service. You can easily send inquiries or feedback through the app's or the web service’s online forms.

Apply for electricity service.

Moving to a new house? New homeowners can apply for a connection by submitting scanned copies of the requirements through the site, Meralco Online. You’ll also receive email updates to help track the status of your application.

Get notifications and alerts.

It's annoying when you're binge-watching your favorite show and suddenly the power goes out. With Meralco Online, you’ll receive alerts about any scheduled (or unscheduled) power outages in your area. You will also be notified when your bill is available and when it's due for payment.

Enjoy a stress-free lifestyle by signing up to Meralco Online or downloading Meralco Mobile for Android or iOS. For more information about Meralco Online and Meralco Mobile, visit the Meralco website and follow its Facebook page.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Meralco.
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