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These Household Items Are Not Clothes, But You Still Need to Hand Wash Them

Don’t forget to use products that won’t irritate your skin!

These Household Items Are Not Clothes, But You Still Need to Hand Wash Them
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While it’s tempting to let the washing machine do all the laundry as we clean the rest of the house, remember that certain household items must be washed by hand. These items are made of delicate material that would undoubtedly end up damaged if thrown into the washing machine.

Before doing the laundry, always check the item’s label for washing instructions. If you see a symbol of a hand inside a tub with water, it means the item needs to be hand-washed. Often, this means you only need to soak them in soapy water and scrub gently (or not at all, for some).

Here are some of the household items that need extra care:

1. Memory foam pillows

Unlike feather- and down-filled types, memory foam pillows cannot be machine-washed. The foam or padding wouldn’t be able to keep its structure against all the movement in the washing machine.

2. Cotton, silk, rayon, and lace curtains

Most curtains may be washed by a washing machine, with the exception being those made of delicate fabric. Wash them gently and avoid rubbing vigorously. Don’t wring the cloth; instead, let them hang to dry.

3. Rugs

Synthetic rugs made of olefin, polyester, acrylic, nylon or a blend of materials are often brittle and would lose their shape when thrown into the wash.

4. Well-loved stuffed toys

Given their age, these toys need extreme care. Wash them by soaking in mild soapy water and rubbing gently. Rinse, pat dry, and lay them under the sun to dry completely.

Hand-washing wouldn’t feel so much of a chore with the right detergent. Keep in mind, too, that excessive scrubbing and coming into direct contact with harsh cleaning products can easily damage the skin.

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