7 House Maintenance Tasks to Do This Summer

Prepare for the rainy season!

The hot and dry season is the best time to check for repairs and upgrades for your home. Forward-thinking is always important—after all, you’ll want your property to be safe and secure when the rainy season comes. To help you out, here are several tasks to accomplish to make sure that your home is spic, span, and ready for anything.

Inspect your roof

This is a task done better in the early hours of the morning, when the roof is still cool and the sun isn’t as glaring just yet. Depending on the material you've used, check for leaks, cracks, holes, or loose/damaged shingles. Seal or replace sections as needed. Make sure that the connected drain or alulod is free of dried leaves and other things that can clog it. If needed, give your roof a fresh coat of paint.

Address old ceiling leaks

If you haven’t fixed your leaky ceiling from the last rainy season, now is definitely the time to do so, especially if your ceiling is made of wood. Wood that has had water seep into it may attract molds, plus it won’t be as sturdy as it was when it was new, so best replace affected panels. Before doing this, however, make sure that you’ve already addressed where the leak is coming from (see the first tip).


Check for rotting wood and termites

As we’ve mentioned in a previous article, a swollen wall or column can be a sign of an infestation. Small holes in wooden beams, the strong smell of mold, as well as recurring gamo-gamo visitations should already push you to call an expert before it’s too late.

Check and clean your air conditioner filters and your exhaust fans

Air con filters should be cleaned monthly, but if you’re running it for long hours daily, you may want to do so every two weeks. Check your kitchen exhaust fan filters as well as your other exhaust fans for dirt and blockages.

Clean your tiles and grout stains

There are a lot of powerful cleaners that can remove tile stains, but admittedly, cleaning grout can be a little bit more of a chore. After making sure you’ve got all the soap scum removed from your tiles (especially on the floors), Martha Stewart recommends going back to the basics—spray the grout with hot water and scrub it with a stiff bristle brush. Water remains to be the gentlest and most effective agent you can use, but you’re still not satisfied, look for a pH neutral cleaner in your neighborhood home improvement store.

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Prune trees

If you have trees with branches reaching out to electrical posts or are hitting your roof, call a professional to prune them for you, as these can be hazards during the rainy season.

Repaint walls

Repainting walls is best done during the summer, as paint will easily and evenly dry due to the heat. Prior to repainting, make sure to clean your walls, tape the edges, add masilya to uneven areas, and roll on the primer. These steps can help make your work efficient, and your paint last longer.

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