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Dust These 5 Spots at Home Before the Guests Arrive

Hosting a holiday dinner at home? Don't take these areas for granted.

Dust These 5 Spots at Home Before the Guests Arrive

Your home must be adorned with your best holiday ornaments by now. But no matter how beautiful your Christmas tree looks, you won't impress your dinner guests if dust creeps in the corners of your home. 

Decorating your home and preparing a hearty meal for your guests take a lot of work, but not overlooking the following spots will be worth the effort. And with the right gadget, dusting can be a breeze:


1. Under your sofa

It's easy to miss this area when you only use a walis tingting. When your sofa has short legs, it's almost impossible to dust underneath. With the Dyson V8 cord-free vacuum cleaner, you can go low, thanks to its long handle. It also has a soft roller cleaner head you can use on hard floors to avoid scratches.


2. The stairs

Sweeping this area with a broom is not enough; dust may still get trapped in the corners between each step. The handrail and balustrade are also easy to miss. Good thing you can turn the Dyson V8 into a handheld vacuum cleaner—you can reach those dust bunnies inside nooks and crannies. Use the crevice tool on these tiny spaces. The Dyson V8 also has a combination tool that's suitable for banisters.


3. Your curtains or blinds

Blinds and curtains can be nasty dust-gatherers. Imagine ironing your curtains with a steam iron; only this time, you are holding the Dyson V8. It's lightweight and balanced for floor to ceiling cleaning, allowing it to clean up top, down below, and in between.


4. Your area rugs

Just like curtains and blinds, area rugs are notorious for dust-gathering. Pet dander can get trapped on them, too. This can cause allergies or even asthma. Make sure no one will be wheezing during your holiday party by vacuuming your rugs using Dyson V8. To remove pet hair and even ground-in dirt, use the mini motorized tool.


5. The dining area

The dining area becomes the heart of your home when you have guests. Make sure that this area is spotless. Don't forget to vacuum the spot under the dining table and chairs. If your chairs are upholstered, switch the Dyson V8 to handheld mode and attach the mini motorized tool.

After the party, use the combination tool to speed up the cleanup. To easily dump the dust, you only have to pull a trigger to empty the bin.

Cleaning will no longer be exhausting with the Dyson V8. It has a soft, nylon-covered roller that traps large debris. It also has anti-static carbon fiber filaments that get rid of fine dust particles. It even has HEPA filtration that traps allergens, making your home healthy and safe.

The Dyson V8 is also easy to use. Its stick mode enables you to clean your floor and other low areas like the spot under your sofa and your bed. Meanwhile, its handheld mode allows you to reach high spots, like the top of your shelves, so they will also remain dust-free. 

Change the way you clean with Dyson V8. For more information, go here.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Dyson.