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4 Condo Dwellers Share How They Do Laundry in a Small Space

These hacks can help make laundry time a breeze.

4 Condo Dwellers Share How They Do Laundry in a Small Space
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Condos are among the most convenient living options in the big city, but they can come with a cost. A lot of them don’t afford enough space to do laundry, so condo owners sometimes find themselves spending a little extra just to get clothes washed at laundromats.

But these four women aren’t letting a shortage of space get in the way of doing their own laundry. Here’s how they pull it off along with a few tips on how to make doing the laundry a lot easier:

1. Choose combination washer-dryer for your condo

Trisha has a combination washer and dryer in her apartment, which comes in handy when there’s no space to hang her clothes. She does a load of laundry once every two weeks, and it’s worked into her schedule rather nicely.

Trisha prefers doing the wash on days when she changes her sheets. “It takes about five hours for a full cycle, so I’ll usually do it during the day, so I have fresh sheets at night,” she says.

She also finds that getting the right size of hamper helps keep things neat and on a regular schedule. “Getting a small laundry hamper helped a lot,” she shares. “Dirty laundry doesn’t pile up, and it’s the exact size for a single load.”

2. Start doing the laundry before bed

Theresa, on the other hand, does the laundry more frequently at two to three times a week. She says it has saved her a lot of money because she doesn’t need to spend on laundry services anymore.

Theresa and her partner are avid wall climbers, which leaves quite a bit of chalk on their clothes. To remove them, she does the following: "We do one rinse cycle before the main wash cycle (for normal clothes). It just gets all the surface dirt off before we [wash the clothes with] soap."

She and her partner have also worked out a system where she loads the laundry into the machine before going to bed, and starts the wash as she leaves for work the next day. Her partner then hangs the clothes up to dry in their balcony while she’s out.

For clothes that have to soak for an extended period of time, she recommends doing it before going to bed. "I’d load the laundry before bed, pause it in the wash cycle, and then go to sleep. Then I restart it before leaving for work," she says.

3. Use your machine's spin-dry cycle to dry clothes quicker

Aly takes up to three hours to wash clothes and does laundry every Wednesday and Saturday nights. When it comes to drying, she uses her machine’s spin-dry cycle so that air-drying is much quicker, and so there’s less water dripping on her floors.

She chooses to do laundry at night so she can have dinner at the same time. "It’s on a timer, anyway, so it just means less time waiting for it," she says.

But sorting the laundry is an everyday affair. "Segregate your clothes as soon as you take them off, so you don’t have to do it again on laundry day," she advises. "Having separate piles or containers for colored clothes, whites, and delicates helps."

4. Choose the detergent that makes laundry a breeze

One more way you can make washing clothes in your apartment a lot easier is by using liquid detergent. Marie swears by it because it helps speed up her task.

"I use liquid detergent mainly because it's the required laundry product for our washing machine. Nonetheless, it's really helpful because there are no powder suds left on clothes, unlike with powder detergent," she said.

Breeze Liquid detergent is not only ideal for washing machines; it’s also more economical when hand-washing. You can use half the amount of detergent you typically use. Breeze Liquid requires minimal scrubbing in removing stains, too. Just dip your fingers into the detergent, dab it on the stain, and wash. You can save money, time, and energy by making the switch if you haven’t already.

With the right tools, tips, and some out-of-the-box thinking, these ladies prove that you can do your laundry in any home. It’s a lot easier than you think, and Breeze can make it even easier.

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