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15 Pinoy Home Essentials That Will Level Up Your Household

It's the little things that make your house a truly Pinoy home.

15 Pinoy Home Essentials That Will Level Up Your Household

Filipinos are known for keeping our traditions close to our hearts, and they’ve become the foundations of our homes. But our values and culture have also taught us to always bring our best to the table, and that includes how we upgrade our old-fashioned home essentials. That’s why we’ve gathered 15 not-so-traditional yet practical home items to help you level up your own Pinoy ways while making your life more efficient and hassle-free.

Complement your tabo with a shower and bidet

In every Filipino home, you’re likely to spot a tabo or water dipper. This multipurpose household item is what most Filipinos prefer to use for bathing or cleaning—a practice which is also known as the “tabo culture.”

However, you can add to your bathroom experience by enjoying a satisfying shower time with Birke. This shower is equipped with an adjustable hand shower and rain shower head for a more customized experience.

Meanwhile, Sefa offers a hand bidet set that provides intense water pressure for more efficient use. It is made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability that can help cut costs in the long run.

Keep a shoe rack at the entrance of your home.

Before entering a home, it’s customary for most Filipinos to remove their footwear. This practice is a sign of respect to the homeowners and a way to keep the floors clean. Keep your shoes and tsinelas organized and out of the way by putting them in a shoe rack. This Euroware shoe rack has an adjustable feature that allows you to store every size and kind of footwear. It can easily fit up to six pairs and is also designed to be stackable for space efficiency.

Avoid cold showers with a water heater

For Filipinos, daily showers are important no matter what the weather is. One of our resourceful ways to avoid cold showers during the rainy season is to warm up the water using a kettle. But here’s a more efficient way that will help you save time and money: the Ariston water heater. This water heater is made from advanced technology and quality materials for better insulation, saving more energy with each use. Wilcon also offers free installation within a five-kilometer radius of your nearest Wilcon store.

Level up your kitchen with a dishwasher

Dishwashing is one of the most time-consuming everyday chores at home, and being the designated dishwasher in the family can be a tiresome task. Save yourself the trouble of having to face the sink area every day with dishwashers from Hamden. It's is packed with intelligent features, including triple filtration and a power washer that provides intensive cleaning. It also has a sleek and modern design that will perfectly blend in with any kitchen space.

Make your room cooler with an aircon-fan combo

Who else uses their air conditioner and electric fan at the same time? This combination creates a cool, windy breeze when you’re feeling extra hot. If you’re in the market for these, you can trust Kaze to complete your needs with a high-powered split type inverter air conditioner and an 18-inch industrial stand fan.

Make barbecuing easier with a tabletop grill

Grilled food like barbeque and isaw have always been Filipino staples. Due to their distinctive taste, Pinoys serve them as a snack or also pair them with rice. So ready your barbeque sticks and fire up the Suncrust tabletop charcoal grill whenever you’re craving these foods. These grills are made from top-grade steel that allows you to enjoy more grilling time with much easier cleaning.

Avoid buying gallons of water by investing in a water filtration system

Most Filipinos prefer to buy gallons of drinking water through different delivery services. If you’re looking for ways to save money, start using a water filtration system at home. This Solutherm double stages filtration system allows you to have clean, drinkable water right from the tap. It can be easily installed on countertops as it comes with a faucet where you can directly get water from.

Create a chic environment for your next salo-salo with this stylish patio set

Every Pinoy loves a fun salo-salo with friends and family. Enjoy yourselves outdoors with a stylish and cozy patio dining set from Heim. This chair and table set is designed with a wooden finish, giving your patio a comfy, rustic vibe.

Switch out your bayong for a grocery trolley

Something you can find throughout most Filipino homes is fresh food. You can make shopping at the palengke so much easier when you say goodbye to your bayong and use this foldable trolley cart from Ezweep instead. It will allow you to shop more comfortably and stack your grocery items neatly without the hassle of carrying multiple bags.

Store your plastic bags in a sleek organizer

Being a Filipino, you probably have a drawer full of plastic bags that you can reuse. Satisfy the #EcoWarrior within you and keep your collection in this metal storage from Home Basics. This wall-mounted accessory is designed with two openings allowing you to place and get your needed plastic bags.

Save space with your sampayan

While most Filipino homes have dryers, we still prefer air-drying our clothes on wires to avoid that kulob smell. You can easily save space and move around your sampayan (especially during the rainy season!) when you use the Heim portable drying rack. This free-standing laundry tool is great for hanging a large number of clothes without taking up too much space.

Make sweeping easier with this walis and dustpan duo

Brooms and dustpans are essential in any home. Add a little modern touch to your cleaning tools with this broom and dustpan set from Simple Spaces. This cleaning set is ergonomically designed for easier and more convenient cleaning. It also saves you the hassle of misplacing the other part since the dustpan comes with a holder for the broom.

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