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5 Stylish Room Partitions For Small Homes

These beautiful designer partitions and space definers can also double as focal points in the room

Photography: Michael Angelo Chua (main photo)

Open plan spaces are such a “now” thing these days, as this type of space planning can make a room look bigger, and are especially helpful when you’re renovating on a budget. But what if you absolutely need a room partition to define a space? Perhaps you are going for a more cohesive look for your living room, so there has to be something to visually separate it from the dining room.

This is where wall partitions come in. The kneejerk reaction is to install one made out of gypsum board or drywall, but this might not be the best option, especially if you’re dealing with a small room or a condo home. An ideal solution would be see-through dividers—you’ll get a “lighter,” airier feel, but there is still a specific definition of space, and the partitions can also act as accent pieces to the interior. Here are some stylish examples. 


Gallery owner Albert Avellana is fond of upcycling vintage pieces for his home. Here, he uses old textured glass windows in an unusual way, as a translucent partition that separates his dining room from his kitchen.


Slatted wood or faux wood columns are a favored wall partition, especially in tropical modern houses. Here, interior designer Wilan Dayrit uses a subtly stained wood slats to visually define the living area from the staircase. To see the rest of this house, click here. 


DIY-er Bien Po wanted a casual feel for his guest’s sleeping space, so he installed denim curtains instead of installing an entire wall partition. The curtains can be drawn to let natural light in, or closed for privacy. To see the rest of this Brooklyn-inspired apartment, click here.

Metal bookshelves

Bookshelves are an excellent way to define a space while adding extra storage. Interior designer Jiselle Yu used metal and wood bookshelves to divide the living from the dining room. These customized shelves look sculptural and industrial at the same time. 

Plants on industrial shelves

In this Gothic-quirky apartment, visual merchandiser Rupert Smith also used industrial-style bookshelves, but filled them with different clear glass vases, ceramics, and fresh plants to form a beautiful, living “screen.”

PHOTOS Michael Angelo Chua (Main Photo, Metal and Curtains), Dairy Darilag (Glass), Ocs Alvarez (Wood), Greg Cox/ (Plants)

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