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How to Order Customized Furniture

Ensure a well-maximized space with these must-dos

Photography: Dairy Darilag

Many homeowners opt for customized pieces just to make sure that their furniture will fit perfectly in the available space. In some small spaces, custom-made furniture are also staples.

If you're thinking of having some of your home must-haves customized, here are five steps to guide you. 

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Create a checklist

Determine what you need. Do you need a new armchair, desk, or bed frame? Take note of the number of pieces that you will need but make sure you prioritize those that you use daily.

Living in a small space? Click here for items that you should prioritize.

Get accurate measurements

  • For furniture: Get the dimensions of the area and where the pieces will go
  • For bed linen: Get the size of the bed (twin, king queen, etc)
  • For curtains: Measure the window openings and its surrounding area (the distance from opening to the floor)

RL Tip: Ask your furniture maker or store contact if they can send a representative to help you get the exact measurements. If this is not possible, you can always ask for help from your trusty carpenter.

Choose a peg

Read magazines, visit websites and look for a similar piece to the one that you have in mind. Be open to the store or person you've tapped. Open communication is a must so you can achieve the goal.

Get an estimate

The shop will provide a preliminary quotation based on the dimensions that you have given them. Once you've received the quotation, review it and see if it fits your budget. Always discuss options with them but never sacrifice quality.

Pick your fabrics

If you're having an upholstered piece done, the shop will send the yardage estimate together with quotation of your chosen fabrics. Do your research as there are different kinds of fabric in the market today. Do you need a thic fabric? Something durable and does not stain easily?

At the end of the day, always be open to suggestions. Trust the shop or furniture maker to give you the best value for your money. You should always consider function and quality aside from aesthetics.

Ready to have your pieces customized? Consider these stores:

Origins Home Furniture


Urban Abode


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