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5 Smart Ideas For Narrow Rooms

Keep your space from looking like a bowling lane with these decorating tips

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Everyone knows styling a small space is no easy feat but narrow rooms pose a different kind of challenge. They are extra tricky to work on as you run the risk of making it look longer and even more cramped—which is the exact opposite of creating a welcoming ambiance. Don't worry, there are design ideas you can do to make elongated rooms look visually appealing. Here are some ideas you can try:

Turn an awkward nook into an inviting spot by styling it as a sitting area. Add a few comfortable chairs and pillows, provide proper ventilation (ceiling fans or an AC unit works!), and display some accessories to achieve the perfect living area extension.

If you have quite the collection of footwear and it no longer fits in your closet, treat the extra space as a new wing of your wardrobe. Don't forget to install a lot of shelves and drawers to make sure you have enough room for storage. 

No space is too small for a spare bedroom—after all, guests don't need much aside from a bed and enough space for their luggage. Experiment with warm colors and cozy details for a home-away-from-home vibe. 

If you enjoy spending your time getting lost in books and magazines, turn the tunnel-like space in your home into a reading hideaway. Aside from a daybed and shelves for hardcopies, you can squeeze in a small desk where you can write or work. 

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Last but not the least, you can always create a home office. It's important to have a separate area for work-related tasks so your bedroom becomes a space exclusively for relaxation. Consider investing in a custom-made desk and storage unit to make sure your furniture doesn't take up more space than it needs to. 

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