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5 Places Where You Can Squeeze In Extra Shelves

Every nook is a potential storage spot!

Photography: Welke and Decorpad (Main Photo)

Any home, big or small, can never have enough storage. Every part of the house can benefit from it—whether it's in the bedroom or the bathroom, you always need a little bit of extra shelving space for different essentials and knickknacks. If you have no idea where you can sneak in a few ledges, here are some ideas you can try: 

If your kitchen is too small for proper cabinets, you can always turn to multiple hanging shelves. Aside from saving on floor and vertical space, it's a great way to showcase your pretty dinnerware and cooking essentials. 

RL Tip: It's available to order on Amazon. However, if you want to save money, you can try to DIY it with the help of this step-by-step guide

Do you know that awkward space between the bed and a wall? Put it to good use by adding narrow shelves. You can use it to organize books, beauty products or even toys if you're styling a kiddie room.

For bathrooms without a built-in counter or vanity, you can maximize the sink area with corner shelves. This is the perfect spot for toiletries or spare towels if you like having guests over. 

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The same rule applies for the space above the toilet. While hanging art over it gives the bathroom a nice touch, a functional approach to decor works best if you're short on space. In this spot, you can store spare toothbrushes, makeup back-ups and other things you don't use on a daily basis. 

A medium shelf above the bed offers a spot to place books you're currently reading, green wonders that can help drift you off to dreamland, and artwork that puts you in a better mood.

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