A Stunning 450sqm Modern Minimalist Home

See how a neutral palette and a play on textures create a big impact

Photography: Jilson Tiu Architect: Agatha Rodis Interior Designer: Architects Justin Espejo and Paolo Balatbat of Minimalist Manila

“It’s really true what they say that the finishing is the most difficult part because you realize things that you did not see or anticipate,” according to the homeowners. But although it came to the point where they found themselves swapping the master bedroom and their daughter’s bedroom at the last minute because of unforeseen issues, the couple chose to make themselves “very much involved” in bringing to life the home of their dreams.

Fortunately, the couple has the same taste, which they say might have something to do with the fact that they both work in the human resources field. The modern minimalist style has always appealed to them, and the interplay of concrete, glass and wood is what they saw fit for the home that they want. “[We wanted] all areas to be spacious—with a high ceiling, and with enough room to showcase our growing number of art pieces,” the homeowners relate.

They didn’t have to look very far to find the team who could execute their ideas: A family member runs Western Engineering and Industrial Supply, which they hired as contractor. The contractor was doing a similar project with architect Agatha Rodis, so the homeowners chose to work with her as well. Meanwhile, an ex-officemate led them to meet architects Justin Espejo and Paolo Balatbat of Minimalist Manila, who did the interiors for this home.


Standing on a 320sqm lot, this house features an exterior that uses a natural color palette as part of the tropical minimalist theme.

Front Door

The landscaping also plays an important role in giving the house character, according to architect Rodis.

Living Area

Clean lines as well as basic and simplistic forms prevail throughout the home. Minimalist Manila chose a neutral color palette—a play between browns, grays, and white. Adding texture are wood, stone, and concrete materials.

Living Area

A high ceiling gives the living area a luxurious feel, making it the home’s focal point. Notice how baseboards were omitted and shadow gaps were used to replace the traditional cornice. “This gives the space a very sharp look, especially towards the edges,” says Minimalist Manila.

Living Area

Wood lighting fixtures are versatile in that they can create a traditional look or a modern appeal.

Living Area

The large concrete-looking tiles used for the ground floor are easy to maintain and complement the wooden furniture pieces.

Living Area

Adding the Asian touch are the furniture and a few antique pieces.

Dining Area

The dining area gets a modern vibe from the light boxes, which create a stark contrast against the ceiling. It features a customized old yakal dining table and bench that can seat around 12 people comfortably.

Dining Area

Using a neutral palette allows accent furniture pieces to shine through. Also adding personality to the space are a few upcycled pieces—like the old typewriter turned into a lamp in the living area.

Dining Area

Grouped pendant lights above the dining table are an interesting and unusual detail guaranteed to become a conversation-starter during dinner parties.


According to Minimalist Manila, the play of textures is an important consideration. “Knowing where to use raw material finishes in conjunction with polished surfaces also creates a very modern Asian feel.”

Sitting Area

Hanging on the white walls are Filipino contemporary paintings and family portraits. This spot near the living and dining areas is perfect for quiet time and a good book.


Natural light is always a beauty in any home. Here, it casts shadows along the staircase, highlighting the natural texture and detail of wood.

Entertainment Area

On the second floor is the spacious and inviting entertainment area. With cozy La-Z-Boy seats taking center stage, it's perfect for movie nights and bonding sessions. The speakers were placed strategically to ensure a unique cinematic experience.


Architect Rodis says the stairs connect the public and private areas of the house. The raw concrete in skim coat finish with wood softens the look.

Third Floor Sitting Area

Architect Rodis says that for the general interior, the plain white walls help achieve the clean, minimalist look. Sprucing up the walls are some of the daughter's works. Colorful and impressive, these pieces give the space a playful and charming vibe.


Minimalist Manila saw an opportunity to give the illusion of space at the third floor anteroom where the altar is also located. The sloping rafters gave the designers the idea to make the ceiling parallel with the roofing in order to create more space. The same uPVC wood planks on the eaves were used in order to make the eaves and the ceiling look seamless.


Making this altar special is the combination of wall sculpture and vintage statuettes reflecting the homeowners' religious beliefs.

Daughter's Bedroom

A splash of blue adds a fun vibe to the girl’s bedroom. Prints are kept to a minimum, in keeping with the design theme. The prerequisite painting hangs above the bed, chosen to match the bluish tones.

Daughter's Bedroom

Minimalist Manila says the wood laminated flooring on the second and third floors gives a touch of warmth and a homey feel even to the bedrooms.

Master Bedroom

The understated look of the master bedroom creates a calming atmosphere that sets the tone for relaxed evenings. Another upcycled piece can be seen on one side of the bed—a lamp that highlights the lady of the house's violin.

Master Bedroom

“One of the most memorable moments for us is when we were finally able to hang our paintings,” the homeowners say. Captivating pieces share the spotlight in the master bedroom, but the homeowners are set to display a commissioned work in the space as soon as it arrives.

Master Bathroom

The minimalist look seamlessly flows into the bathroom. Subtle pops of yellow break the monotony of an all-gray space.

Pocket Garden

The small garden at the center of the house serves as an entry for ventilation, which makes the space comfortable for lounging.

Learn more about this beautiful house in the video below:

Ready for your own makeover? Get in touch with architect Agatha Rodis through e-mail: agatharodis[at] Minimalist Manila has a Facebook page you can follow or you can also e-mail them: hello[at] To get in touch with Western Engineering and Industrial Supply, you can e-mail: doy.western[at]

Do you have an RL-inspired home? Send us photos on Facebook and we might feature you, too!

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