A Stunning 275sqm Townhouse With Glam Interiors

This home has a hotel-like feel with a pale beige palette and luxurious furnishings. The children's room is beautiful, too!

Original Article: Bubbles Salvador Photography: Dairy Darilag Styling: Dagny Madamba & Trisia Tolentino

Interior designer Evangeline Lim was presented with a challenge: to work with a “no color palette” for her client’s townhouse. “I wanted something luxe, clean, elegant, but definitely not over the top,” says the homeowner.

The owner took inspiration from boutique hotels, which both she and her husband love to frequent. “Gusto ko ng hotel feel for the house, especially for the bedroom. White and clean, but I wanted to add a luxe feel. Pag luxe, it’s usually stiff, but I wanted it to be comfortable and homey,” she says. “The owner knew what she wanted. She gave me pegs, we sourced together, and everything was approved by her,” Evangeline recalls. It helped that both designer and client were on the same page during the whole design process.

Evangeline says she found the size of the house “not too big,” so she didn’t want to do anything that would enhance the “smallness of the space.”  Using light colors opened it up, but extra steps were taken to divide the townhouse unit accordingly. They had the all-white, clean look down pat, right down to the dramatic pieces and richly textured accessories. Their shopping itinerary included trips to Harver Hill, Pottery Barn, and West Elm, among others. Gold, being the mark of luxury and elegance, was not surprisingly the accent color of choice for the all-neutral space.

In the future, Evangeline says the homeowner has the option to fix the balcony and convert an extra bedroom into a guest room. There’s also another room that can be into a walk-in closet, the prospect of which excites the lady of the house. But in the meantime, the lady of the house could enjoy the cozy but sophisticated beauty of her hotel-like home. 


“First impressions last. We wanted visitors to feel that there’s always more to expect at every turn,” says the owner. This vignette at the foyer consists of a tufted ottoman and a console table with brass accents, setting the tone for the look of the whole house. Incidentally, there is also a panel board here, which Evangeline chose to hide by installing cabinets. “It’s not just for decoration purposes,” the designer adds. Find similar pieces like these at Dhalton Home.

Living Area

Evangeline considers the living room as the highlight of the home. The couch matches the tufted seats in the dining area, while hints of gold and brass serve as accents, along with textured fabric and pillows. “What keeps it from being monotonous is the addition of soft fabrics and textures,” the designer says.

Dining Area

The owner spends most of her time at work, but she makes it a point to come home early to cook dinner for the family. The dining area seems formal, but the look is softened by high-back tufted chairs. Adding to the glam vibe is the orbs of pendant light reflected by the sunburst mirror. Get similar upholstered dining chairs at Caracole at Dexterton.

This sunburst mirror creates a focal point in the dining area. You can find sunburst mirrors in different sizes at Our Home.


Evangeline takes advantage of the delicate, open staircase by situating the homeowner’s work desk here. Get a Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Starck at Dexterton.

A combination of glass, gold finishes, and romantic floral elements contribute to the fanciness of this classic bar cart. You can get old-fashioned-looking bar carts at Crate and Barrel.


Veering from bright colors and cartoon characters, the nursery is lined with muted tones, particularly gray, to blend in with the modern glam theme. Functionality was a key consideration. A changing station holds all the baby essentials, while a corner has a cushioned rocking chair perfect for bonding time. “I’d say this is also a room that can ‘grow’ with the child,” Evangeline says.

Master Bedroom

“Greige” (grey-beige) patterned wallpaper paired with a tufted headboard and fluffy fur pillows add to the hotel-like feel. “Yun ang perfect sa boutique hotels, luxe but very comfortable,” says the homeowner. Get a similar headboard like this at Caracole, Dexterton.

In one corner of the bedroom is this built-in dresser table, which is modern and glamorous at the same time. A neoclassical-style mirror-and-velvet stool adds even more drama.

Read the original article ("Luxe Love") in the December 2016-17 issue of Real Living Magazine. Download your digital copy of Real Living on the Real Living App. Log on to for more details. 

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