A Pinterest Inspired Family Home With Industrial Touches

This four-bedroom home has got everything: a sprawling living room, a subway-tile main kitchen (plus a fabulous “dirty” kitchen!), and a rustic-industrial look, all courtesy of Pinterest.

Original Article: Cecile Jusi Baltasar Photography: Miguel Nacianceno Styling: Dagny Madamba & Tala Singson

When homeowners Shawi and Jam decided to build a house, they didn’t buy coffee table books on design. Neither did they hire an architect (at first). What they did was to go online and log on to Pinterest.

“This is mostly my wife’s design, which she developed mainly using pegs from Pinterest,” says Jam, gesturing at his three-level, four-bedroom home. “She contributed eighty percent of the design. Our contractor contributed ten percent, and I put in the last ten.” They hired an architect later on to plot everything to scale and sign the necessary documents. In three months, the couple and their contractor had the design finalized.

Chicago’s signature brownstone buildings also provided Shawi and Jam the inspiration for their home. “The major inspiration that helped us come up with the design of the house is our condo in Chicago, where we lived for eight years,” says Shawi. “It had brick interior walls, which we love. That’s why we have brick feature walls in our living room and den here.”

Several elements give the illusion of space in the couple’s home: glass accordion doors, wide windows, the black-and-white interiors, and an open-plan layout on the ground floor. The accordion doors leading to the balcony that spans the living and dining areas was one of Shawi’s design non-negotiables. “Shawi already knew where she wanted those doors. If you open them, it’s like the porch becomes an extension of the living and dining areas,” says Jam

There really is something to be said about homeowners being hands-on with the construction of their home. But for a couple to come up with their own design—that’s worth a million pins on Pinterest.


“We love the look and feel of reclaimed wood,” relates Shawi. Their heavy main door was originally half of a pair of double doors. Jam salvaged it from a friend’s house that was being sold. 

Living Area

The ground floor employs an open-plan layout, with living, dining, and kitchen all flowing into one another. You can change features of furniture pieces to go with your style. Like the couch, for example, was bought in SM Home and originally came with black legs; the couple had it changed to stainless steel legs for a sleeker look. 

Shawi took design cues from HGTV’s reality show Fixer Upper. “I like rustic-industrial. That’s the feel we were trying to have at home.” 

Dining Area

The eight-seater dining table was custom-made, as with majority of the pieces in the house, by a furniture maker in Tiendesitas. Jam found the dining chairs in Mod Living after several weekends of canvassing all over Metro Manila. 

Main Kitchen

A counter is extended to become a breakfast nook in the main kitchen. Jam and Shawi took a lot of time searching for the perfect rustic industrial bar stools. They finally found the right style at Mandaue Foam.

Dirty Kitchen

There’s nothing “dirty” about this stylish dirty kitchen, which shares space with the utility and maids’ quarters. This kitchen echoes the main one upstairs in terms of color scheme, cabinets, and subway tile backsplash. 


Inspired by another Pinterest peg, Jam and Shawi used industrial-issue steel cables as their stairwell banister. 

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is monochromatic with shades of black, grey, and white. “The bedrooms have their own style that may not necessarily be rustic industrial,” says the lady of the house. However, the couple’s love for wooden furniture is still evident in their room.


Even the bathroom has a clean and simple rustic-industrial style, heightened with the use of wrought iron accents and a wrought-iron-base vanity counter. 


Right next to the kitchen is Jam’s man cave (or more formally, the den). Made up of floating shelves from their stash of reclaimed wood, a desk, a TV, and a couch from Our Home, the den is just the right size for Jam. One wall is of black brick, a nod to the white brick statement wall in the living area.

Read the original article ("The Pinterest House") in the December-January 2016-17 issue of Real Living Magazine. Download your digital copy of Real Living on the Real Living App. Log on to for more details. 

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