A Combination of Happy Colors and Patterns in a Two-Bedroom Unit

Highlighting hints of yellow, green, and pink—this compact home has elements that would fill you with glee

Photography: Sam Lim Design Consultant: Grace Moslares of Magara Designs

It’s no secret that the home is a safe space for all of us. Whether you’re coming home from a trip or a tiring day, nothing compares to the sight of your favorite things that seem to welcome you with a warm embrace. Inspired by the owner’s warmth and happy personality, design consultant Grace Moslares came up with a functional aesthetic that highlights colors, pieces, and accessories the owners love and make them glad. “It is a combination of colors and textures that make you feel young, happy, and alive; without compromising the quality and elegance of the space,” shares Grace.

To complete the look, Grace also used American designer and author Jonathan Adler’s Happy Chic concept as inspiration. The said concept highlights a space that’s vibrant, comfy, and filled with meaningful pieces. After seeing Grace’s work on Real Living, the owners also knew they can count on the design consultant to help them maximize the available space. While the kitchen became the top priority, the other areas came out charming and efficient as well. After the renovation period, it’s not only the owners and the design team who were satisfied with the final output, as Popoy and Basha—the owners’ cute fur babies—approve of it, too.


A yellow divider (not seen in photo) separates the kitchen from the unit's entrance. Since the man of the house loves to cook, the kitchen was given utmost priority. While we're used to seeing tiny cooking areas in most condo units, this one's spacious and complete with enough storage and top-of-the-line appliances.


To keep the kitchen from being too plain, a striking green mosaic backsplash was chosen. Aside from adding a pop of color to the area, it also works well with the cabinets and the unit's overall color palette.

Living Area

The concept and overall feel of the space allowed Grace to mix-and-match colors and patterns. In the living area, touches of pink take center stage as seen on the chandelier, wall accent, and soft furnishings. Given the neutral walls and sofa, it's easy to appreciate the colors chosen to add personality to the space.

Meanwhile, the glass sliding door opens up to the cozy balcony furnished with a table and a pair of chairs. It can serve as an extension of the living area when the owners have guests.

Living Area

All of the pieces in the unit were custom-made to maximize every inch of space. Pillows in quirky and printed covers spruce up the sofa while a wooden box that doubles as storage serves as center table. Instead of installing one mirror that covers the entire wall, Grace opted for six framed mirrors that add depth to the space. The said option makes the living area more interesting and whimsical as well.

Adding charm to the space is the handmade pink crystal chandelier by Magara Designs' project manager.

Living Area

To keep the look cohesive and pleasing to the eyes, the colors of the accessories and decor pieces complement the overall palette of the space.

Dining Area

Pretty and sophisticated, the dining area showcases touches of green and floral prints. The sturdy table can seat five people comfortably. Aside from the lovely chairs seen in the photo, Grace and her team also customized low swivel stools with floral seat cushions to serve as extra seating pieces.

Storage Detail

In any home, storage is of utmost importance. Grace was able to squeeze in extra nooks for wines and refreshments above the pantry. From afar, these compartments can also serve as an interesting design detail.

Storage Detail

Framing the bathroom door is a storage unit that adds to the seamless look. Both cabinets house pantry supplies and other essentials.

Design Detail

Grace and her team take pride in the little details they add to any project. This pink bathroom door is made extra pretty with hand-painted cherry blossoms. A similar drawing can be seen in the wall accent showcased in the living area.

Master Bedroom

Touches of blue and yellow complete the bedroom and make it extra relaxing. Even if different patterns were used in the space, the space is kept inviting and uncluttered as the colors help tie everything together. The patterned upholstered headboard serves as the room's focal point while keeping the wall from being too plain.

From the bedroom, the owners can access the balcony through a glass sliding door. Light-colored curtains help block the sun's rays as well as give the owners privacy.

Ready for your own makeover? Get in touch with design consultant Grace Moslares and Magara Designs through mobile at (0927) 715-1393 or e-mail magarainteriors[at]

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