Eco-cleaners—are they OK?

2010 posted in Household products by Rachelle, Real Living Editor-in-Chief.


I know everyone’s doing the eco-friendly bit, right down to makeup and dishwashing liquid, but are the eco-friendly household cleaners any good? Somehow, all the chemically dangerous stuff that’s in the cleaners contribute to their dirt-busting, germ-killing efficiency. So for one month, I set aside all my Chemical Brothers-laden commercial cleaners and tried out one of the more famous eco lines, Messy Bessy products. Here’s my review of some of them:

Eucalyptus All-purpose Scrub, P250/P400: I think its basic ingredient here is baking soda, which we all know is a n effective household cleaning agent that can be found in any kitchen. The best part about it is its minty-fresh scent, and the coarseness of the baking soda makes it a good scrub, tho it sometimes leaves residue on ceramic surfaces.

Dishwashing Liquid, P130/P440: Not my favorite product, because you need a lot just to remove grease; so you actually spend more than you would if you buy _ _ _ dishwashing liquid. It smells amazing, though. Best used if you like washing dishes in the batis, so as not to poison the fishies.

Minty Orange Surface Cleaner, P240/P440:  This is my favorite—it’s actually effective. Disinfects and cleans grotty kitchen countertops, and most bathroom surfaces, plus it leaves a lovely orange-rind scent.

The Little Warrior, P70/500: Another good multi-tasking product. A favorite of the RL girls, and they use it as a hand sanitizer. Best part is it doesn’t dry out the skin.

There you go. Try out some of their products, to give your standard cleaners a break (and help out on the eco-bit, too). And maybe have your househelp give it a try, too.  Available at the Echostore at Serendra, The Podium, and Katipunan, or click here.  (photo by Jun Pinzon)

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  1. Jacqui MacNeill (Bath and Body) Says:

    Thanks for reviewing these eco-friendly cleaning products. The more green stuff is heralded, the more attention they’ll get, the better for the environment.

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