Ultimate Makeover—Deadline’s today!!!

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Hi readers! Today, May 31st, 2010 is the last day for entries of the Ultimate Makeover 2010. So if you want to make habol, do send in your entries before midnight later!!! Please read the above ad for mechanics. Also, a lot of people have been asking what a disclosure is. A disclosure is simply a typed or handwritten letter stating that you are the current owner/lessor of the home you entered (No need for notarization).

If you are having difficulty sending your entries to the official Makeover address, kindly email them to this alternative address: [email protected]

Thanks and good luck all! :)


My first year in RL

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Today marks my first RL anniversary (hooray!). Wow. I can’t believe it. Time sure flies so fast. I can still remember my first day at work. I got to the office at 9 a.m. for a briefing at the HR Department, then Ms. Genie from HR toured me around the office and led me to my desk. Then, at 10 a.m., members of the RL staff started coming in (“Hi”, “Hello”, “So you’re the new EA”, “I’m Katherine”…). And then, Ms. Tish discussed with me my assignments, our lineup, turnovers, and other RL stuff, and Kath explained to me the ropes of being an EA.

One year in RL and I’m enjoying it! Awesome! I love the pretty things I see and pull out for our shoots. I love meeting homeowners, listening to their stories, and writing about their homes. And I love how we work together to come up with a lovely issue every month.

As I turn a year old today in RL, let me share with you some of my notable firsts in this magazine:


The very first shoot I assisted in. Get Inspired for Aug. 2009, with assistant style editor Coni Tejada and creative director Gwyn Guanzon. Photo by Ocs Alvarez


My baptism of fire (Decor Ideas: Scents and Sensibilites shoot for Sept. 2009), wherein I failed to pull out some important items so I panicked and cried and I was so sorry…


…but the RL staff, being the nice people that they are, told me it’s okay, and everything turned out well.

ricky ibe house

My first home shoot (Room for Drama, Real Home, Sept. 2009). Photo by Jun Pinzon


And of course, my first out-of-town shoot with the RL team (and my first time out of Luzon ever! Haha!). Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

So it has been a year of sourcing, shooting, writing, and pulling out for RL for me. And along the way, I’ve met and worked with interesting people, been to various parts of the Metro, and had fun while working that sometimes, I feel I’m not working at all.

So cheers to a successful and memorable year for me in RL. May more lovely years come not just for me but for the whole RL team, and I hope you, our dear readers, will continue to be with us along the way. :)



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A shop full of notebooks, journals, and stationery is heaven (or should I say, a black hole) for anyone who loves to write, whether those writings consist of daily ramblings and musings or little notes you leave on someone’s desk. It’s even more fascinating if these writing materials come in different designs and sizes, such as those that are available in Papertrail.

Located along Arnaiz Ave., Makati City, Papertrail is a stone’s throw away from Greenbelt. It is a charming, little shop with equally charming merchandise. Check out some of them:

Some notebooks, pencils, and erasers. Be sure to take a sniff of their smencils, gourmet-scented pencils.


The store with its merchandise lining up the shelves.


Oh so cute! I wanna take them home.


Desk notes (at the bottom) and more journals I wanna take home.

papertrail bags

Pretty bags! :)


Jot down your ideas and make your lists on those pocket notes.

Papertrail is located at Unit 201 La’O Bldg., 1000 Araniz Ave., Makati City. You can contact them at (02) 403-752m or email them at [email protected] Check out Also, read more about this store in the Shop of the Month section featured in the June issue of Real Living magazine.


June ish is out this week!!!

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Hi guys, the June ish of Real Living magazine is out this week, and it’s such a fun read!!! :) This month’s issue is all about putting personality into your space, which I believe is epitomized by the charming, blue abode of Nenet Nolasco, a.k.a. “The Tuyo Lady.” Also check out one of my fave interior designers Wilan Dayrit’s elegant take on a bachelor’s home…


…check out the new shopping spots at LRI Business Plaza, this is the ever-changing merchandise at Kish


…the RL Notebook and Get Inspired features incredibly creative home office designs and solutions


…and of course, get tips on how to find your style from our guest creatives, ranging from Smart Parenting ed-in-chief Mia Fausto, artists Gail and Marija Vicente (aren’t they so cute?) :)


…and fashion designer Tippi Ocampo gives us advice in the RL Notebook on how to create your own cool workspace (Tippi, I know you’re busy with Fashion Week, good luck dear, you can do it!)…


..and of course, find out how interior designer Kristine Neri’s Real Makeover of this window-less bedroom turned out!


Check out also these features: the RL staff translates their fave outfits into a room, a fun poker-themed Father’s Day party, the ultimate Real Estate Listing, and more! Get your copy of Real Living magazine at newsstands and bookstores for only P140. (Photos by Ocs Alvarez, Vincent Coscolluela, Miguel Nacianceno, Ito Ocampo, Jun Pinzon; styling by Wilan Dayrit, Gwyn Guanzon, Coni Tejada; makeup of Gail and Marija by Sam Unson Gallardo and hair by Theresa Carbonell)


Dreaming of IKEA yet again

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Yes, almost every cash-strapped homeowner in our little country is wishing for IKEA. When, oh when, dear rich local tycoons will you bring in this???

Ikea at Alexandra Road

Well it just so happened that my friend Dish About Design sent me these adorable handtowels (she has a cool design blog too, check it out)…


Upon closer inspection of the tag, these were done by Cape Town-based artist Heather Moore, and if you read the tag, it appears that South Africa shares the same hankering with us Pinoys, as it seems that they have no IKEA store there as well. (We have, at least, IKEA “resellers” in every town.)


If you look closely, the tea towel is decorated with illustrations of Heather’s favorite IKEA furniture. I, for one, own the shelf unit illustrated in the upper left hand of the towel.
Now I have a hankering for IKEA whenever I wipe my dishes dry. To see more of Heather’s work, click here. Thank you, Dish, I am loving my towels very much. :)


The Hills are alive…

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…with the sound of real estate. I was in my ‘hood—the little shire of Greenhills—going through the maze of the cultured pearl tiangge, when I stumbled upon the new buyer’s lounge of Circulo Verde. Now what is a real estate development doing in the middle of a shopping center? Just to let you know, it’s owned also by Ortigas and Co., so I guess it’s just fair to locate their showrooms there. In case you want to look for it, it’s by the Connecticut Arcade right next to Max’s.

At first glance, it looks like it was shoved right under the carpark, but once you go through the doors, you walk through this spacious buyer’s lounge…


…and then to the showrooms. Their Seville units at Calle Industria boast wraparound balconies, like this one for the two-bedroom unit…


…and rooms generous enough for a four-post bed in the three-bedroom unit…


Though needless to say, I am not liquid enough even for the downpayment!!! So back to the tiangge I went. Click here for more information.


Come on get happy!

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Heima has finally opened its second store at LRI Design Plaza on Nicanor Reyes Ave. Makati. (The original store is at Cubao X—er, Cubao Expo pala) The second store promises more of Heima’s familiar, happily-hued, upbeat furnishings. I won’t say more, just check out these images from their cool catalog…



…and their newly-opened LRI store!




Couch potato special

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I was having dinner at a resto yesterday and a friend at a table whipped out last Sunday’s Philstar newspaper and I saw this:


That’s me and Summit publisher Auiee Mangubat Suarez at the Samsung Full HD 3D TV launch the other week. Yes, we look a bit goofy in those 3D glasses, but they are way better than those cellophane-and-cardboard glasses you had as a kid (heck, it’s even better than the ones you get in the movies now). For one, they look like regular sunglasses, not the silly big ones they dole out at the sinehan. And they have this really cool feature—you press a button on top of the specs, and the lenses dim and the whole 3D experience begins. I have absolutely no idea how that happens, but it does!

Then the images on Samsung’s new 3D TV pop out! And I mean POP! Sorta like this:


OK, my screen grab is a poor approximation of what we really saw. Click on this link to check it out, or for the full experience, visit a Samsung dealer nearest you. Thank you, Fashpack, for the “surprise” yesterday, will catch up with you soon. :)