Lovin’ Lavender

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Since I recently got hold of a bottle of lavender fragrance oil from a home scent shop, I decided to perfume my office cubicle. Thank God for reed diffuser sticks, I don’t need to have an oil burner (and trigger the smoke alarm in the office) to enjoy lavender’s sweet and subtle scent.

The scent has been on my desk since yesterday, and I’m loving it. It’s relaxing. Our art director even said that the scent makes her want to sleep already. Which tells me to keep it during our turnover nights, or else we won’t finish the magazine. Hehe. Maybe you can try putting lavender scent in your bedroom too, especially if you have trouble sleeping at night.

My fascination for home scents has just begun. I’ll look for other scents that I can use for my office cubicle. Maybe I should try citrus scents like lemon or grapefruit for a tangy burst of energy.

5 Responses to “Lovin’ Lavender”

  1. Tisha, Real Living Managing Editor Says:

    I love lavender! And yup it’s meant for relaxing.:) My signature scent is L’Occitane Recolte Bleue.:)

  2. vera Says:

    where can i buy it?? Is it available in cebu??

  3. Katherine Says:

    Hi Vera,

    I got my lavender fragrance oil from Mia Maison. Unfortunately, they don’t have a branch in Cebu. But you can reach them at (02) 645-4285, or email them at [email protected]. :)

  4. Dianne Says:

    I’ve also just recently become interested in home fragrances! I’m getting votive candles from Alice Blue soon! :)

  5. Katherine Says:

    Hi Dianne!

    That’s good to hear. :) Alice Blue candles are made of eco-friendly materials (scented, hand-poured, eco-friendly soy for the candle, and cotton or hemp for the wick). So enjoying its scent is not harmful to Mother Earth. :)

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