Modern Minimalist Meets Shabby Chic in a Couple’s Bungalow

A marriage of tastes results in a unique cozy home with a distinct pop art feel

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A 79sqm Condo Unit turned into a City-Sleek Biker’s Haven

Passion for motorbikes and creative custom-made furniture created this one-of-a-kind space

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Martini Chair

Martini Chair, 8995, Dimensione.

Saranggola Sculpture

“Saranggola” sculpture by Michael Cacnio, P65,000, Rustan’s Department Store.

{ Designers }

Edwin T. Enriquez

As an architect and interior designer, Edwin T. Enriquez brings with him not just a unique vision, but the necessary skills to see the vision through.With years of experience in constructing, renov...

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