A Bucolic Two-Storey Vacation House in Tagaytay

In this contemporary-meets-country vacation house, proper space planning and floor plan makeovers take center stage

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Candy-Colored Palette for a 12-Year Old’s House

This home showcases the young homeowner’s eye for style and design

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Philips Softpal Mickey Table Lamp

SoftPal Mickey is your child's glowing light friend that softly lights up their bedroom. With this portable guide light, your child can sleep safe and sound with a soft and cuddly companion by their s...

Alexis Wire Leg Chair

Alexis Wire Leg Chair, P4995, Dimensione.

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Jigs Adefuin

Ranking 10th in the Philippine Interior Design Board Examination was a fitting start to his career. Instead of letting this get to his head, Jigs knew that for excellence to be reaped, he needed to...

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