Peacock Colors for a Young Couple’s One-bedroom Condo

In this high-rise unit in the city, modern furniture pieces are paired with interesting patterns

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An Open Layout for a Relaxing Tropical Home in Quezon City

Generous windows, elevated flooring, and an open design make this home a sanctuary amidst the hustle and bustle of the city

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Framed Wall Art

Framed Wall Art, P499.75, SM Homeworld

Philips Chrome Ceiling Lamp

The metallized glass dome reflects and refracts light for a sparkling effect. It has concealed dangling crystal drops that scatter light and captivate onlookers for a sheer luxurious feel.

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Featured Designer
Allen Oblena

Architect Allen Oblena creates clean, modern spaces with traditional touches. His style of marrying the new with the old always leads to bright and refreshing designs that will stand the test of ti...

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