Cristine Reyes's Pristine and Tranquil Two-Storey Home

The star of Tubig at Langis welcomes us into her oasis-inspired space

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A Modern Tropical House filled with Natural Elements

A child-friendly wonderland is created with forest trees, floor-to-ceiling windows, and well-appointed furniture

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Geo Cocktail Table

A refreshing take on the cocktail table - this piece by Vito Selma depicts lines that aren't linear - but bent here and there into a hegemonic sort of oscillation.

Left End Sofa

Left End Sofa, 34950, Dimensione.

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Featured Designer
Kat Villanueva

Interior designer Kat Villanueva-Lopez describes her design style as minimalist, with efficient layouts and a lot of “invisible” cabinets and storage options. Her practical approach to...

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