Eclectic Modern Filipino Style for Iza Calzado's Home

The Kapamilya actress chooses an eclectic contemporary Pinoy design for her spacious home

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A Pet-Friendly 800sqm Family Home

A family worked hand-in-hand to build a home fit not just for every member, but for their beloved pets, too

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Samsung Smart Oven

With Samsung Slim Fry technology, enjoy tasty, crispy fried food without the need for oil. Combining the grill function and warm air circulation, food is cooked fried outside and flavorful on the insi...

Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas Tree Ornament, 425, Rustan's Department Store.

{ Designers }

Jigs Adefuin

Ranking 10th in the Philippine Interior Design Board Examination was a fitting start to his career. Instead of letting this get to his head, Jigs knew that for excellence to be reaped, he needed to...

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