A 49sqm Condo Unit Gets a Dose of Varying Shades of Blue

Ample storage spaces, blue walls, and modern accents define the Magto family's high-rise condo unit

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A Grandiose Relaxing Dream Home

Lush greens, generous windows, calming water, and spacious rooms make a perfect first home

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Memo Board - Orange

Memo Board - Orange, price available upon request, Heima.

Tiffany by Marcello Ziliani for Magis

Tiffany by Marcello Ziliani for Magis, 10950, Dimensione.

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Gelo del Mundo

For those that are looking for something out-of-the-ordinary for their residential, commercial, and office spaces, interior designer Gelo del Mundo is heaven-sent. A graduate of the Philippine Scho...

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