A Country Home filled with Blues, Whites, and Affordable Finds

Garage sale pieces and secondhand store finds can add a dash of rustic whimsy to any home

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A Three-Storey Home Showcases an Asian Heritage

Antique heirloom pieces and masterpieces by seasoned painters find their modern matches in this family home

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Samsung RT6000 Refrigerators

Samsung’s RT6000 series of refrigerators allows consumers to enjoy a new level of freshness with its All-Around Cooling feature, which evenly cools every inch and corner of the fridge evenly from corn...

Wishbone Chair

Wishbone Chair, price available upon request, Space Encounters.

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Anla Li - Tan

Anla Li -Tan is an alumna of Grace Christian College and went to University of Santo Tomas to earn her degree in Bachelor of Science major in Interior Design.

In 2008, she graduated Cum Lau...

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